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Online courses

Online lessons are a convenient way to acquire knowledge at the highest level without leaving home.

English group language online? Choose an Accent!

Learning English online is an extremely comfortable way to gain new knowledge using the Internet! It is you who choose the environment and time in which you want to learn according to your needs. We believe that thanks to this we create the right space to make the English course via the Internet a pleasure. The groups in which the classes take place are made up of only a few people. Our language school also offers individual lessons. Online teachers can then fully concentrate on one student. English is not the only language we teach.


Our offer also includes:

  • French,
  • Spanish language,
  • German,
  • Polish for foreigners,
  • Portuguese language,
  • Russian,
  • Swedish language,
  • Italian language.


There are different levels of advancement, on the basis of which students are assigned to a given group - so that the course of activities and tasks correspond to their skills. We also offer a specialized language - focused on a given industry.

For companies

We have been successfully teaching languages ​​to employees of Polish and foreign companies for years. We rendered our services for such companies as Aquanet, PKO BP, PGNiG and many more.

For adults

It is never too late to learn a foreign language.

For the youth

We invite young people from 13 to 18 years of age for individual classes or in small groups of 2 to 5 people.

For kids

We invite all children from 6 to 12 years of age to participate in courses in small groups of up to 5 people or individually.

English language course - our methodology

We adapt to you - we are interested in your needs, and learning English online is there to satisfy them! We take care of every aspect of your language skills, so online English classes (individually or in groups) include learning to understand a language by listening, writing and reading, or using it in practice. Our teachers who conduct English lessons online during classes they also prepare for all exams and certificates. Everything takes place in a pleasant, intimate atmosphere.

Online group English for companies

Online English lessons are the perfect tool to break the language barriers of employees in the company. Meetings and conversations in a foreign language - even with native speakers - are not a problem for people who have completed an online English course. Such group activities usually consist of two modules, general and vocational. Thanks to this, the lesson participant learns not only the rules of correct sentence structure or useful vocabulary in everyday life, as well as learns specialized phrases specific to the selected field.

English language courses for adults

Such group activities offered by language schools bring a number of benefits to adults using them. Students enjoy greater freedom in using a foreign language, broadening the horizons and skills that they can boast of in the workplace. We can prepare you to start working in another country. When planning a move abroad, there is no better solution than an online group English course. It allows you to learn proper communication as well as get to know the culture and history of a given country.

Due to their form, the courses are not a nuisance on the schedule, which is a great advantage if you are busy. Learning English online, however, may just be an opportunity to gain some extra skill. Certainly, thanks to it you will be able to navigate the Internet more efficiently, you will easily help your child learn, and communication while traveling will not be a problem for you. In addition, the online school provides nice and productive time to meet our teachers and other participants in group activities.

Online English learning for teenagers

Group English online means well-written tests, good results and satisfaction with the exams. Due to the fact that the classes are held in a small group, you can easily focus on what causes the most problems for you when learning a foreign language. Do you want to start studies related to linguistics? Maybe you are planning to continue your education abroad or consider working in another country? Online English lessons will make you feel confident and not have to worry about the language barrier!

The language school will also make it easier for you to obtain your dream certificates, which is a big step towards your dream job. The possibility of learning from any place is also a convenient solution for pupils and students whose everyday life revolves around education, extra-curricular activities, social life or even occasional work. Online meetings at a language school make learning English easily accessible to everyone.

Online English classes for kids

Language courses at an early age are the key to developing your child's linguistic skills. Effective teaching from an early age increases self-confidence and the ability to concentrate, social adaptation and good memory. Group lessons offered by the online English school are conducted by teachers experienced in working with children. Online classes do not require the child's constant commuting, and the online English course is extremely effective. Online English during the Accelerated Learning Phase is laying the foundations for the freedom to use foreign languages in the future, both in class at school and abroad.

Online group English during classes at the School of Foreign Languages Akcent Iwona Róg is primarily a friendly atmosphere, time-saving, effective form of learning and a huge improvement in the level of language knowledge! Subscribe and speak with a good Accent!

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Proprietary educational platform

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